+  What is CQI & IRCA?

A. The Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) is the chartered body for quality professionals. We improve the performance of organisations by developing their capability in quality management. With members all over the world, we are uniquely placed to define and lead the quality profession, setting the standards for its capability and scope through the CQI Competency Framework. We encompass the whole quality community, including quality management professionals (CQI members) and management systems auditors, through our specialist division IRCA (the International Register of Certificated Auditors). For more info, visit www.quality.org.

+  What is a CQI-IRCA Certified Lead Auditor Course?

A. A Lead Auditor Course (LAC) enables you to develop your knowledge and skills to carry out first, second and third-party audits of complete management systems and assess conformity with a standard. CQI-IRCA sets high standards so you can be assured of the very best in training and subject matter expertise. An IRCA-certified Lead Auditor Course undergoes rigorous design review and assessment so you can have confidence in the course.

+  Are IPS UK’s Tutors authorised and/or approved?

A. YES, all tutors and/or co-tutors are authorised and approved to conduct CQI-IRCA certified courses as per the criteria set by CQI-IRCA.

+  What is the duration of an CQI-IRCA certified Lead Auditor Course? Is there any relaxation on the duration of the course?

A. CQI-IRCA certified Lead Auditor Courses are designed for 5-days (40 hours). No, there is not relaxation provided on the minimum requirements (40 hours) as the continuous assessment of the individuals very much depend upon the completion of this duration.

+  What is the Assessment Criteria of a CQI-IRCA certified Lead Auditor Course?

A. Continuous Assessment throughout the course along with the Written Examination is the Assessment Criteria.

+  What if an individual fails to qualify in a CQI-IRCA certified Lead Auditor Course delivered by IPS UK?

A. An unsuccessful individual will be allowed one (1) RE-SIT/RE-TAKE within 12 months (1 year) using the platform of IPS UK.

+  Who issues the certificate for CQI-IRCA certified courses?

A. A CQI-IRCA Approved Training Partner (ATP) issues the certificates.

+  Does attending/qualifying a CQI-IRCA certified Lead Auditor Course mean eligibility for the status of an CQI-IRCA certificated Auditor?

A. Attending a course: means only appearing on course venue for 04 days but either failed during continuous assessment or examinations – delegate is not eligible for the status of CQI-IRCA certificated Auditor. Qualifying a course: means successful completion of course both during 04 days continuous assessment and examinations – delegate is eligible for the status of CQI-IRCA certificated Auditor For more info, please visit http://https://www.quality.org/article/become-member

+  Is CQI-IRCA certified course certificate issued by CQI-IRCA Approved Training Partner (ATP) verifiable?

A. Our CQI-IRCA certified course certificates are traceable through unique certificate numbers. Please be noted that there is no mechanism available on CQI-IRCA website (www.quality.org) through which an individual and/or any other organization are able to verify certificate ONLINE. CQI-IRCA does it INTERNALLY when a course delegate individually and/or any organization (for verification purposes) in question submit the certificate to CQI-IRCA. If an individual and/or any organization (for verification purposes) like to verify a course certificate, individual and/or that organization may submit it directly to CQI-IRCA. Apart from CQI-IRCA verification, the course certificate is equally verifiable with ATP and/or IPS UK.

+  Is there any time-limit imposed on CQI-IRCA registration after qualifying a CQI-IRCA certified Lead Auditor Course?

A. There is no time limit, unless a CQI-IRCA certificated Auditor has no evidence that he has practiced this knowledge within three (3) years of qualifying a CQI-IRCA approved Lead Auditor Course.

+  If an individual completed a CQI-IRCA certified Lead Auditor Course over three years ago, and he/she now wishes to apply for certification, does he/she need to repeat the course?

A.No need of repeating the course if individual has evidence of practicing this knowledge professionally in terms of trainings, auditing, and system development etc. within 03 years of successful completion of course.

+  How individual attending a course can confirm the credibility & authority of the course tutor?

A.For authority: by directly contacting the CQI-IRCA Approved Training Partner (ATP) or CQI-IRCA and, For credibility: alumni feedback, testimonials and market reputation

+  What are the criteria for selecting CQI-IRCA Approved Training Partner (ATP) for Lead Auditor Courses.

A.Market reputation, testimonials, alumni feedback, professional competency, and opportunities for future utilization of this knowledge, cost and environment of the events.

+  Why to go for IPS UK for CQI-IRCA certified Lead Auditor Courses?

A. IPS has a team comprising of highly competent and widely-recognized system tutors, assessors, learning facilitators and technical expertise having an experience stretched over decades with result-oriented learning and development programs for all levels and roles of organizations. IPS not only facilitates the clients to develop valuable human resources but also helps the trainees to actually apply the knowledge and skills to effectively achieve the objectives of such training courses.

+  What would be the best practices for the delegates of Lead Auditor Courses?


  • Awareness of the CQI-IRCA guidelines,
  • Awareness of the Approved Training Partner’s (ATP) guidelines,
  • Awareness of the credibility and authority of ATP,
  • Awareness of the credibility and authority of Training provider – like: IPS UK,
  • Awareness of the credibility and authority of course Tutor

During course:

  • Punctuality.
  • Discipline.
  • 100 % Attendance.
  • Conceptual learning.
  • Active participation.


  • Professional HONESTY.
  • LEARN more and DELIVER best.